About the Two of Us

Mike is a photographer, and an environmentalist. He likes Star Wars, video games, and is interested in everything about the universe. You can check him out on www.mhitchner.com
Jillian is an aspiring writer, English teacher, and a huge bookworm. She will always love the Harry Potter series, considers herself to be a Ravenclaw but was sorted into Hufflepuff, and can't get through the day without coffee.

Together, we are two people, aiming to be in one place someday soon, but are living in two different, separate states instead. While the distance can often be a challenge, we've decided to take it and make something out of it.

Fortunately for us, we are living in two of, in our own opinion, the best states: Washington and California. We are inspired by the idea of bridging the miles between, by sharing thoughts, ideas, photos, mementos, and other forms of inspiration on this blog, while we live in these two beautiful places. 
Here we will try to feature photos and thoughts about and from the places we've been to together, as well as apart.

This is our space, as we live 800 miles away from each other. 

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