Monday, December 2, 2013

Ten Favorite Things About the Holidays.

I have always loved the holidays! It's my favorite time of the year, and November-December is definitely my favorite months for so many reasons. Endlessly Beloved  asks a topic every month, and for this month, the topic is appropriate. Here's my (Jillian's) ten favorite things about the holidays!

1. Family time. 
I get to spend time with my parents and siblings all the time, but it's rare that I get to spend time with my relatives: aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, and more. I love this time because I get to catch up with them, eat good food, drink a little, and just have fun. 

2. Break time! 
I work as an English teacher, and so I do get the regular school holidays. It's really nice to have days off, and just not to anything. 

3. The weather.
People think I'm a little weird that I like fall and winter weather. I adore it! Maybe because I live in Northern California, and it doesn't necessarily get very cold here, but there is something I love about cold, chilly days and nights. It's comforting, and is so cozy!

4. Decorating.
I love Christmas decorations! I particularly like it it's white, gold, and burgundy themed. Everything about decorating is just so festive. I also enjoy wrapping gifts! 

5. Christmas music. 
I particularly enjoy listening to She & Him christmas album; Zooey Deschanel's voice during the holidays is the best! Another favorite are the Carpenters Christmas songs, Michael Buble's My Grown Up Christmas List, Snow by Sleeping At Last, and Wintersong by Sarah Mclachlan. 

I LOVE winter clothing! I love scarves, beanies, boot socks, pea coats, boots, leggings, tights, long sleeved dresses... I'll wear them all! I also really adore the colors during this time of year. I love deep, dark colors like burgundy, olive green, bordeaux red, and even mustard yellow. I wish it was fall and winter all year long just so I can keep wearing these. 

7. The food and the drinks.
I am a huge fan of holiday themed anything: cookies, coffee drinks, teas... and so much more. Peppermint Mocha anything is a favorite, and good old hot chocolate will do the trick too. 

8. Traditions, Parties, and and Get togethers.
I have a lot of traditions with my family (we are Filipino), my friends (exchange gifts, white elephants, get together dinner), and with Mike. I love this time of year because I feel like there's a lot more free time, and we get to hang out a lot more. 

9. Giving gifts.
There's something about taking the time to make a list of people you plan to give something to for the holidays, and actually going out and getting them. In some cases, it's even better when you plan to make the gifts yourselves! I am fond of the idea of thinking of the special people in your life, and what you think they would love to get. It doesn't even matter what the price is, but just the thought that was put into it. 

10. The overall feeling. 
People seem to be nicer, and in a much more festive mood. People are a lot more generous, and kind too. Everything around seems a lot more peaceful and joyous, and I just love the atmosphere during the holidays! I also feel like I am able to reflect a lot about the past year, and the many things I'm grateful for, and the things I look forward to for the coming year. 

What's your top ten favorite things about the holidays?


  1. Hey girl!!! Awesome list :) Thank you so much for linking up this month!!! It's such a great time of yeear and I pretty much have all of the same favorite things!:) See you next month!!

    1. Thank you, Brianna! Love your meme, and thank you for following this new blog.

  2. Hello there! No wonder we have almost the same things on our list, you're a Filipino too! Great! :D I love Fall/Winter fashion! All that layering and stuff look really wonderful and stylish! One can only wish that we have colder weather as it would be quite inappropriate to wear thick clothing here.

    And by the way, I'd like to say thanks for the Christmas songs that you listed here. I'll definitely check them out. I have here Michael Buble's Christmas album and it's our favorite!

    I cannot wait for Noche Buena as well. Mahilig talaga mga Pinoy kumain! haha!

    Enjoy the holidays! Cheers! :)

    1. Haha. I had to translate this to the other owner of this blog as he doesn't speak Tagalog, but he says hello and he definitely knows what you mean that we Filipinos love food ;D Thank you for following!

  3. great list! thanks for stopping by the blog. i'm your newest follower!

    1. Thank you so much Amy! This is a very new blog, so more content will come soon.

  4. love your list. i teach college and my husband teaches in public school so we get breaks together too. it's so nice having some extra time off:) one of the perks of working in education:)

    1. I definitely embrace the extra time off :)

  5. Hello from Washington! Which one of you lives here? I loved reading your list... another thing I love about this time of year is how excited and happy people are, and posts like this always remind me of it. Happy Holidays!

    1. Hi Sarah, Thank you for commenting on this blog and mine (Jillian). Mike is from Seattle :) I love Washington! Happy Holidays to you too!

  6. Yes, getting time off of school is great. I had forgotten that Zooey Deschanel sang Christmas music. Now I need to find it again.