Sunday, November 24, 2013

Seattle Guide for First Time Visitors

Washington is a gorgeous place. One of its most well-known cities of course, is the city of Seattle, or as it's fondly called, the Emerald City. Mike currently resides around the area, and I've been there plenty of times. We figured we'd create a guide to help out those who are looking for things to do and places to check out if you're there for a few days. Now these are just some of the places we think you should check out. Seattle is just a part of the beautiful state of Washington, and these places are just a part of the city of Seattle. There's many others, so explore away. 

1. Pike's Place Market - You need to go here if you are in Seattle. It is a 2-3 floor public market consisting of various shops: fish markets, food stands, local florists, book shops, craft stores, specialty stores, independent business owners, and so much more. The place is lively and vibrant, with so many local vendors to check out and appreciate. The famous Gum Wall is located in Post Alley under Pike's Place Market. The very first Starbucks store is also located around the area, right across the Market. 

2. Kerry Park - This in my opinion, is one of the best places to get an overall view of the city line. You can see the Space Needle surrounded by the many buildings. If you go on a fairly clear day, you might even get to see Mt. Rainier from afar. It's a sight to see. Bring a jacket if you are not used to this kind of weather! It can get chilly there at night. 

4. Seattle Public Library - If you like books and visiting libraries (or appreciate beautiful architecture) this is a must to visit. It's one of the best buildings I've seen and been into. I would recommend going there just to see its unique design, architecture, and space.
6. Space Needle - It wouldn't be Seattle without this iconic structure. It's easily the symbol of the city. It's easily recognizable, and you know you're in the city when you see it. I like to look at this structure from Kerry Park, but I have also been up there. It costs $20 to go. You can stay there as long as you would like. It's a beautiful place to be.
8. Chihuly Glass Museum - I personally have never been here before, but people always talk about how gorgeous this museum is! It's filled with blown glass by the glass sculptor, Dale Chihuly. I've seen some of his work before, and can only imagine how it would be a good place to visit. The artist was born in Tacoma, Washington and went to the University of Washington later on. Maybe someday I will go there and we'll have photos to show. 

9. Museum of Flight - This is an expansive museum filled with pretty much everything related to flight. In this museum, you'll definitely learn a lot about the history of aviation. You will find old planes from the Concorde, Air Force One, planes used from different eras, to the planes used today. There's just so much to see and so much to learn we spent almost half a day in here! It's also good for all ages, so children and adults will benefit from this trip. Worth every penny!
10. Alki Beach - It offers a different view of Seattle. It's located on the West side of the city, and across the harbor. It's a relaxing place to be, it's not as crowded, and is a nice place for a walk. There's also some shops and restaurants here that you can check out. 

11. Century Link Field and Safeco Field - If you are sports fans, check these out. Safeco Field is the home stadium of the Seattle Mariners and Century Link Field is the stadium for the Seattle Seahawks. 

11. University of Washington - It's a beautiful campus! I again have never been there, but from Mike always raves about how picturesque it is. 

That's pretty much it for the list of places to see in the city of Seattle. Again, these are just some places we've personally visited (and some want to visit), but they are here mainly because we believe they are worth checking out. If you're ever around the area, just walk around, appreciate the scenery and the people, and have fun!

Have you been to Seattle? If so, what are some areas there would you recommend a first time visitor to check out? And if you have not gone to Seattle, what are some of your favorite cities that you have visited? Tell us about it! 

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